Our Facilities

It is a large part of our ministry to make our facilities available to the community. To that end, over the years we share our space with five other churches, several nonprofit organizations, and numerous 12 step programs, support groups and community associations. If you have a need for a meeting space - large or small - explore our facilities in the information that follows.

Our Sanctuary

Our Sanctuary is where we gather for our Sunday morning worship services. We currently share it with two other church congregations. In addition, the church sanctuary is available for weddings, and is also  used for special programs and speaker events by community groups.

Our Fellowship Hall

We use our Fellowship Hall for lunches, dinners, meetings, and various ministry efforts. It is also used by many community groups as a meeting place on a weekly, monthly, occasional, or even one-time basis.

Our Meeting Rooms

We have meeting rooms that we and many other groups and organizations make use of. Some offer an intimate, comfortable gathering space, while others provide more traditional meeting facilities.

To inquire about the use of our facilities, contact the church.