Rev. Dr. christy Newton


Christy’s ministry focuses on the gritty and tangible work of justice, the work of dynamically translating a prophetic gospel message into  language that people from all walks of life can understand, and the use of the arts to open up the deeply transformative possibilities of the  spirit. She is energized by practical and public theologies that insist on hospitality and compassion, and she is inspired to help individuals and communities find ways to sustain their prophetic voices in a difficult and polarized world.


Christy and her Family

Christy is blessed by her partner of 17+ years, Jeanne Loveless, who is also an ordained minister and professional spiritual director. Christy loves to watch mysteries, write poetry, tell stories, hike, and dig in the dirt. Jeanne loves to take pictures, fly fish, read about history, watch ghost shows, and fight systemic inequality. Together, they acknowledge that their greatest spiritual teacher is their 6 ½ year old son, Clivie.


Christy Preaching

In addition to serving as Senior Pastor at First Christian Church,  Christy also teaches seminary courses on social ethics, globalization, spirituality, and culture. She is currently finishing revisions on her book manuscript, Saving at Wal-Mart: A Theological Analysis of Relationships in Consumer Culture, which reflects her sincere passion to connect the world of ideas with everyday actions and everyday spirituality. 

Living Stones

Living Stones is the blog of our Pastor Rev. Dr. Christy Newton. Read on for sample sermons, blog posts and comments from Christy.

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